Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Side Profile

Whenever I take a photo, there is a certain angle of which I must turn my face so that I'd look good. Anything other than that would make me look like a dork.


I experimented with a couple of angles and was thoroughly digusted with the terrible shots till I finally found the perfect one.

Ever since I found that perfect angle, I've always made sure that I'm on the left in a photograph. It actually gets quite extreme and annoying sometimes. I'd willingly ask a girl to get up and change seats with me if she's on the wrong side.

There's no time to be paiseh, I need to look good.

I don't care if she minds, I need to look good.

I don't care if she grumbles under her breath or slaps me, I need to look good.

But if, for whatever reason, I cannot be on the left, I'd still turn my face 45 degrees to the right and show what I consider to be the "most photogenic" side of my face - my side profile, the left side that is.

I need to look good.


Don't snigger. I know there are many out there who're like me, including you. I'm just more transperent about things, that's all.

Okay, arrogance and vanity aside. Don't you think that it is the same with life?

Like us, there's always a certain perspective we look fabulously stunning in while in other perspectives, we don't look as good, maybe even a lot worse. It all depends on which angle the photographer shoots from - the best one or the worse one. Looks don't really matter, the angle does.

It is the same with life. It can get depressing and it can get really ugly at times. But that shouldn't matter, instead how you look at it should. If you don't know what angle to look at during turbulent times, then experiment till you find out. When you've found the perfect angle to look at life, you'd find that it is actually very beautiful. That's the point the problems and the pain will naturally fade to grey.

And who knows, you might just be singing along to Dido's Thank You like I did.

"and it's not so bad, not so bad at..."

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