Thursday, March 22, 2007


Encounters with rude customers, who have no regard whatsoever for mutual respect and basic courtesy, make me feel like...

"The customer is always right" is bull. Whoever came out with that notion must be a spoilt brat who has only ever been a customer his entire life.


I shall not bow to unreasonable demands from the uncouth mouth that I hear at the end of the line.


You only get what you give and give unto others what you recieve. Respect is vital and Singaporean customers should give serious thought about attaining some. "Kudos" to those sweet ones who are pleasant enough to understand, and "shame on you" to those who think they are godlike because you are only as good as a arrogant snob can be.

The change in customer-service staff relationship culture cannot be brought forth by courtesy campaigns. Face it, nobody really gives a damn about it anymore. Singa the lion is ancient; bet the younger ones are more familiar with Pikachu and Powerpuff Gals. Change starts small. Change starts with you. Change starts with me.

So.. It shall be my resolution to be the nice customer from this day forth.

I shall smile.

I shall try my best to understand

I shall say "thank you" when necessary.

I shall make that change first and hope for it to keep on rollin'.

Be nice, my friends, or get the finger.

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