Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Thoughts Part 1

Random Thoughts

  1. All the good men left are either married or gay; all the good women left are either married or wasting their entire life trying to believe otherwise about the first part of this statement.
  2. Joy would be meaningless without sadness. Utopia is therefore a place of monotony.
  3. Emos are losers who pride themselves in being, uhm.. well… losers.
  4. What happened to Hitler?
  5. Wouldn’t age be more accurate if it is based on maturity instead of years?
  6. Physical beauty is temporal.
  7. John Mayer is a genius, I hope he doesn’t die early like other geniuses.
  8. Why do you even bother reading this?
  9. Why did I even bother blogging about this?
  10. Don’t take all these seriously, it is after all, just thoughts coming from a deranged sociopath.
  11. There is no Number 11.

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