Monday, June 25, 2007

Why I Abhor Microsoft

Reason No.1 - They are too egoistic, narcissistic and impudent to admit they are afraid of Apple.

What a big turn off ain't it? Just look at how hard Steve Ballmer is trying to "laugh it off" and ridicule the new iPhone.

Reason No.2 - Listen to what Steve Jobs has to say about Microsoft.

I totally agree. Amen.

Reason No.3 - A father begets a son, an idiot begets an idiot, a loser begets a loser. No wonder Microsoft is what it is today. Take a look at how CEO Steve Ballmer starts a presentation and you'd understand.

Oh my gawd! Can somebody just shoot this man? A comment left for this video: "the things microsoft has to do to hype up a crowd vs. apple which just has to show an iPod" (xboxgod88)

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